LV (Low Value) takes from 2 to 5 business days, not including weekends (bank do not operate at weekends)

HV (High Value) takes 1-3 business days for domestic US and 2-10 business days for exotic currencies not including weekends (bank do not operate at weekends). There may be a fee imposed for a HV transfer imposed by the banks. It is capped at $10 regardless of the transfer amount. 

When transferring money to a bank, XTRM chooses the lowest cost and fastest route for you. Some countries have lower cost bank transfers than others. If there is no low value (LV) cost route available then we will send via high value (HV) i.e SWIFT or WIRE. When you link you bank, if LV is available we will connect using that method. LV is typically free for transfers. If no LV route transfer method is available then we will link your bank HV (Wire) and a bank fee may apply during transfer. 

Caution: please be very diligent entering your bank information. Errors in your account details including you address can cause transfers to be returned to your wallet. The time taken for the return can be up to 3 weeks depending on what country you live in. 

My bank link still says 'Pending' after a few days or more.

Please read THIS

More Information on Bank Transfers

Bank transfer can take from 2 to 5 days. This does not include weekends when banks are closed.

Exotic currencies can take up to 2 weeks.

XTRM has no control of the time that bank transfers take. (We wish we did!)

After you transfer there are only 2 outcomes:

1) The bank details are correct and it will be successful

2) The bank details are wrong and it will be returned

Please read these points:

  • 99% of failed transfers are caused by incorrect bank details. Please be really careful when linking.
  • 1% are rejected for compliance.
  • We don't know it has failed until it is returned. There is no way around that. That is the way EFT works.
  • Return time takes from a few days to a few weeks or sometimes even longer for foreign transfers.
  • We can request a bank trace but that often takes longer than waiting for a return.
  • Once funds return we instantly credit the users wallet and notify them via email of the issue.
  • Users with returns need to delete and carefully relink their bank.
  • In some cases we will delete their bank for them.