If you are having problems logging in here are a few tips. Remember, XTRM does not have access to or the ability to view or change emails and passwords since they are secure and encrypted. We will never ask you for your password on the phone or via email.  We know it is sometimes tough to remember all your passwords but you have most likely simply forgotten.

Special note to users logging into XTRM using single sign-on from another system, if you want to login directly at www.xtrm.com you will need to reset your password as it has never been setup for direct logins.

Reset email not arriving? 

We ALWAYS send them. If it doesn't arrive then it is something to do with your email system. Please check your spam folder or ask your IT to make sure xtrmusa@xtrmmail.com is white listed.

Tips if having login issues:

1) Your email is used to login. Make sure you are using the correct email you signed up with. We do not tell you the email doesnt exist if you try to reset your password for a non existant email for security reasons.

2) Your password is at least 8 characters and will contain a number, a capital letter, or a special character.

3) If you have forgotten your password simply click HERE to reset or follow the instructions below. If the email doesn't show up then it is most likely in your spam folder or is taking its time to get your email account. We always send instantly. Sometimes your company might be restricting emails. Our domain is @xtrmmail.com, feel free to ask your IT people to ensure we are not blocked. 

4) Again, if the email arrives and has expired, that is typically on your end. We send email instantly. Please email support@xtrm.com if this is happening to you or talk to your internal IT.

5) If you have both a company account and a personal account, they can share the same email and even the same password (if both are the same you will be given the option which one to login to). If you have forgotten the password for one or the other, please follow the instructions below.

a) Goto www.xtrm.com and click 'Log In' button. Then click 'Forgot Password'

b) Enter your email and click 'Reset Password' button to reset your password

An email will be sent to you to reset your password. If it doesnt arrive then either the email doesnt exist, it has gone into your spam, or your company is blocking it. It also might be held up by your company or email provider and is just taking time to reach you.

5) If you have lost access to the email account used to create your XTRM account and have also forgotten your password you will have to email us at support@xtrm.com detailing your old email, your new email and your full name so we can reset your XTRM account to your new email. You can then reset your password.