If you have a missing or delayed wallet payment, please read and consider the following:  

1) Make sure you have signed up and followed all the program qualification rules set by the vendor.  If you read below and nothing applies, please email support@xtrm.com. Be sure to include the email used for your account to find you in the system and list the paying company and what you think you should have been paid for.

Specific to athletes and racers:

All results need to be submitted to us automatically by your events promoter for us to be able to pay.  A few things to note:

1) You do NOT have to post or email your results to us to get paid. 
2) We cannot pay you based on you emailing us results or posting in our support system. 

3) We cannot go to a promoter website and use posted results.

All results have to be officially submitted to XTRM directly by the promoter using their secure login.  It is simple, no more than 6 mouse clicks - no excuse for promoters.

Almost all delayed payments are caused by the event organizer's not being sent to us promptly or sent missing data. 

We remind event organizers daily to send us so we can pay you quickly; please remind them. They need to submit accurate and complete results as soon as possible using their secure XTRM company account. If they say they have - that doesn't always mean they really have! We pay fast if we have the data and the rules are met, and your account is in good standing.

For motorcycle racers, if at an event you have been paid for one class but not another, this may be due to the rules of the manufacturer only allowing one class per bike or maybe a lower limit for some competitors in that class below which no payments are allowed. But, again, please check their contingency page for rules, and they vary by brand.

Ensure you fully understand the payout rules and signup requirements for your manufacturer or vendor before emailing us (support@xtrm.com). This can all be found on the manufactures' site. Other things to consider that may make you not get paid or get a delayed payment. But, again, these are rules set by the paying company, not XTRM.

Other reasons why you may not have been paid:

* Failure of the event organizer to submit results or to submit incomplete results - this is by far the most common reason.
* Insufficient athletes competing in your class.
* Invalid equipment (i.e. bike or car not new enough)
* Non validated VIN or serial numbers for certain programs
* Registering for events using a different name than used in your XTRM account

* The paying company hasn't sent us funds to pay.

Remember, XTRM does not make the rules. We apply them.