Adding competition equipment (motorcycle, car etc.) to your profile and validating your VIN or Serial # (if required)

Some paying companies require that your profile has a validated race bike or car (competition equipment) listed before they will pay. This validation may be via VIN or Serial number. Others may require you to add your competition equipment but may not require validation of VIN.

Login to your account and go to your profile. Click on the 'Equipment' menu (see below) and then click on Add Sports Equipment.

Some manufacturers require your VIN to be validated in real-time. If  you are having problems validating your VIN/Serial # in XTRM, PLEASE READ INFORMATION BELOW:

For those manufacturers that require real-time VIN validation:

VIN or Serial won't validate?


XTRM cannot directly resolve warranty issues and is not authorized by a certain manufacturer to pay riders when the information provided cannot be validated against the manufacturers' records.


Please read below carefully.


Suppose you are having problems validating your VIN/Serial # in XTRM. There are a couple of reasons why this might be happening.


1) Vehicle is new. If purchased within the previous 2-3 weeks, your VIN may not validate until this warranty information is updated in the system, which can take up to 3 weeks. Please try again after that period. Any races in this period will be paid once the VIN is validated.


2) The race equipment is owned by a sponsor or company and has not been warranty registered. Please get in touch with the manufacturer to request a waiver for this race equipment. They will then notify us.

(Note: Warranty registered has nothing to do with the DMV registered)

VIN Validation By Manufacturer:

ManufacturerVIN Validation Required