If you need to notify new users on how to sign up for XTRM and how payments will work, the template below can be used to email them. You can cut/paste and edit as required.

Welcome to XTRM!

We have selected XTRM as our online global payment system to ensure fast, secure and flexible payments options for you. Overview HERE

In order to receive payments you will need to to register yourself at <yourcompany>.xtrm.com. Select a personal account and complete the personal account information. An email to activate the account will be sent to you. Once activated you can login.

Note: Your XTRM AnyPay account and digital wallets is highly secure. We do not share information. It is used purely for identifying who you are, a requirement for all payment systems, and ensuring that tax regulations are adhered to. For more information on privacy please go HERE

Once you have opened your account. Any outstanding payments will be received typically within 48 hours. You will receive an email alert once payment is made - Example

Now you can login to your XTRM AnyPay account and decide how to use the payment. For help on options click HERE

For more information and help on how to use XTRM please go HERE