What is a Virtual Prepaid Visa Card?

A Virtual Prepaid Visa Card is a 16 digit card account that will be displayed immediately. You can start shopping online, over the phone, or add the card to your favorite retailer or fast food mobile app, wherever Visa debit is accepted. NOTE: A Virtual Prepaid Visa Card cannot be used in a physical store.

Is there a fee for a Physical Prepaid Visa Card?

Yes. There is a $3.00 fee for the creation and shipment of your new Physical Prepaid Visa Card.

How long will it take to receive my Physical Prepaid Visa Card?

Standard delivery is 5 – 7 business days to receive your Physical Prepaid Visa Card. It will be shipped in a plain white envelope. NOTE: For orders outside of the US, delivery times vary.

Can I change from a Virtual Prepaid Visa card to a Physical Prepaid Visa Card?

Once you have made your choice, the card cannot be changed.

Can I combine more than one alpha-numeric promocode for a single Prepaid Visa Card?

Yes. You can bank your alpha-numeric promocode for redemption at a later time. Simply choose the “Bank now, redeem later” option when choosing your reward in your Prepaid Code Center Account. There is a convenience fee of 5% of the total redemption that is deducted from the new card. That fee cannot be less than $1.00 or greater than $5.00. A maximum value of $1,000.00 can be redeemed on to a card at a single time.

Can I un-bank a code/ redeem a banked code without the fee?

Yes, you can redeem banked codes one by one for no charge.

Can I get cash for my Prepaid Visa Card?

No. There is not an option to redeem for cash.

Does my alpha-numeric promocode expire?

For USD and CAD currencies, you will have 4 months to redeem your alpha-numeric promocode at the redemption site. Once you have redeemed for your choice of Prepaid Visa/Master Card, you’ll have 7 months to use your card.

For EUR, GBP, HKD, AUD, JPY, INR currencies, you will have 6 months to redeem your alpha-numeric promocode at the redemption site. Once you have redeemed for your choice of Prepaid Visa/Master Card, you'll have 12 months to use your car.

I did not receive my Security PIN. What should I do?

You may be emailed a security PIN after you select your Prepaid Visa Card, which you will use to complete the redemption process. If you do not receive the Security PIN, you may click the Resend PIN option to have another PIN email sent to you. Be sure to check your junk mail or spam folder for the email. NOTE: The Resend PIN email will be sent to the email assigned to the user name you created.

Why is my Prepaid Visa Card being declined?

You can view your transaction history and reasons for decline in your Prepaid Code Center Account at www.prepaidcodecenter.com. Our Customer Service team can be reached through the Contact Us link on www.prepaidcodecenter.com, by phone, or email, please see below.


USD or CAD877-325-8444
EURO or GBP44-2035142425

For further information, please view this video tutorial that will provide additional information regarding the Prepaid Visa Reward.