1. To transfer to your bank account, first you must link your bank account:

a) Go to 'Settings'

b) Select 'Bank Accounts' and select 'Link Bank Account'

c) Search for your bank wherever it is in the world and add you bank details. Be careful to 

spell your bank name correctly. For international banks, searching using your IBAN 

(International Bank Account Number) is the most efficient way. Once linked you can now 



2. Click 'Transfer' button to transfer your funds.

Now you have linked your bank account, goto 'Home' and select 'Transfer' button. Follow 

the on screen instructions to transfer to your linked bank account. Bank ACH transfers take

2-3 business days. 'Wire' transfers take 1 business day. Remember banks don't operate at 

weekends for ACH or Wire bank transfers.

Once the transfer is successful you will see a transaction record in 'Transactions' and the 

'Payment complete field will change to 'True' in the transaction details