What is XTRM?

XTRM AnyPay is a secure digital wallet for you to send and receive payments anywhere in the world from and to any person or company instantly.

Send and Receive payments anywhere in the world
  • Receive or send payments of money, digital gift cards, prepaid digital Visa, Mastercard or points
  • Global payments, any currency
  • Personal payments account 
  • Global tax reporting 

Multiple Transfer Options
  • Transfer out via ACH, Wire, Prepaid Virtual Visa, Plastic Visa or Digital Gift Cards
  • Transfer to other people
  • View all transactions and payments 24x7
  • Automated alerts when payments made
  • Highly secure

Currency Exchange

  • Convert currency at really good rates
  • Avoid excessive bank exchange rates and fees

  • Numerous reports for viewing and downloading
  • Tax and SOX compliance reporting

Manage your beneficiaries
  • Automatically tracks all payment beneficiaries. No need to know bank account details to make payments.

Secure and private
  • Fully private and secure payment platform
  • Complete tax management
  • Please review our privacy policy for further information

Manage Taxes
  • Ensure full tax compliance anywhere in the world
  • Issue regional tax documents such as 1099-K or country equvalent